Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Return to Recurrence

So, it's been a while since I wrote anything >.< RL is kind of busy and fucked up and all that fun stuff... Anyways, new offering. This is another recurring dream, one that has cropped up recently.
Oddly enough, there is no end or beginning to this one. You'd think there would be, but in reality, there isn't. I am just... THERE. I'm not alone, oh no. I can't remember exactly who is there with me. I know that the person is a male, and that I know him very well. But, for the life of me, I don't remember his name or face. And he is leading me, once again. Not trhough the odd, "Traverse-town" wannabe place, but this time it seemed like a house. One, single structure. But it seems burned out, like A massive angry fire had eaten it like a starved man at a buffet, even gnawing at the bones and sucking out the marrow. The place is gutted, black and burned. But still, it is enclosed. I don't know where the light comes from. Again, it is just... THERE.

It isn't just the two of us, either. There is some... thing... else there with us. Not part of our group, no. But it is there, in the building. I'm not sure if it was us that follows it, or it that follows us. Or maybe neither? I don't know. We go round and round the house. This... creature, this aberration, abomination... It scares the living hell out of me. It isn't scary-looking. Well, perhaps not extremely. You see, I only see it from the back... And it has a face looking at me. On the back of it's head. A face with a nose, constantly sniffing, and a mouth, permanently twisted into a sadistic grin. Somewhere between pain and pleasure, it strikes me as. And the eyes... are missing. Yes, missing. This is the back of the creature's head. And what really creeps me out, is that it's a mask. This moving, living face is tied onto the back of the creature's head. Maybe I watch too many horror/thriller movies, but I can swear that it's barbed wire that holds the mask to this creature's head. The body is pale grey, as if to blend in with the ashen environment, like a proper hunter. But the charred black of everything only makes it stand out even more. It walks like a monster from Silent Hill, staggering in erratic, jerking steps, twitching and tweaking. It never looks back, only sniffs the air and staggers onward. And my unknown-yet-known companion and I, we follow after it.

There seems to be some sort of game going on. There is a key. A little, flat, silver key. With a red tag. In all the bleakness, the dark and burnt hell of the building, the flashy color seems to stand out with a cocky flare, as if daring the darkness to mess with it. And it seems that my companion is tasked to pick up the key, put it somewhere else, and leave. And then, ahead of us, it appears again, as if the creature doubled back, picked it up, and put it ahead of us. Except it doesn't. Somehow, the key makes it's own way there. And we keep moving it, as if trying to keep it away from the monster. Which makes no sense, since it's ahead of us. Our lives depend on not being caught, though. This much I know. If we are caught, we are dead. Simple as that. And to not be caught, silence is paramount. As long as it doesn't hear us, we're fine. That is what I know, so I repeat to myself, "Don't make a sound, Don't make a sound..."

I don't know how many rounds we make of the building. Each circuit seems different. No room looks the same as one I've been through before, yet somehow, I know when we've started our "lap" again. Round and round, chasing each other. Until finally, it seems the game is at it's end. We finally put the key down in the last place, and I think, "Damn, took long enough." And then, my companion does the unthinkable.

He flicks the key with his finger.

The sound is louder than I ever expected. The monster immediately turns and bounds toward us, on all fours, like some demonic beast. My "companion" disappears rather well. I, however, do not have that much luck. A scramble towards the closest hiding place: The underside of a rather rickety bed. I don't even get a chance to crawl under, though, before I spin around, my back against the bed, sitting in the dirt and charred remains on the floor. It's in here. I try to hold my breath and not move at all. Silence and stillness, I think to myself. That will save me.

The thing walks around the edge of the bed, still on all fours, and looks me right in the face. Well, "looks" might be the wrong word, as it has no eyes even in the front. No features at all, except the band of barbed wire across the area a nose would be. The wire bites into the creatures flesh, red dripping down it's face in a sick version of running mascara. But it's head is pointed right in my direction. It twitches it's way over to me, crawling right up until it's face is mere centimeters from mine. I can smell it, this putrid, rotten stench of the beast that makes me gag. I do my best to not make a sound, and for a moment, it works. The thing backs away from me and I'm left alone, a shivering wreck, thoroughly scared out of my wits.

And then it bounds right on top of me with a screech that would shame a banshee. That impact is what wakes me. No weird after-effects this time, no odd Inception-like "dream within a dream". I wake up to the darkness.

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